FMF 110: Step with Love with Janice R. Love

Episode 110_

In this episode of The Family Matters First Podcast we interview Janice Love author of ‘One Plus One Equals Ten:  A First Lady’s Survival Guide for Stepmoms’.  Janice is a divorced mother of two, Janice tossed aside her ideas of marital bliss and became content with being on her own . . . that was until her also recently divorced pastor made it his mission to take her his new bride.  Falling in love with Rev. Bobby Love was easy, but no one prepared the couple for what came after saying, “I do,” when blending two homes equated to a stepfamily of ten!  With honesty, humor, and compassion, Janice R. Love recounts her experiences as a mom, stepmom, and pastor’s wife in One Plus One Equals Ten:  A First Lady’s Survival Guide for Stepmoms.  Tackling tough questions, One  Plus  One Equals Ten offers real life examples, faith-based inspiration, and  practical  tips and strategies for both new and struggling stepparents.  If you  are thinking  about dating or planning to marry someone with children, or have already married  and are having difficulty adjusting to “living-in-step,” this  book is for you! 

Includes Useful Tips and Resources:

• Certified Stepfamily Coach and  experience-based suggestions and strategies

• Relevant and inspiring Bible  verses

• Over a dozen recommended references for stepparents

• Additional pages  for journaling and notes • And much, much more!


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