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Relationship Success University
(Coming Summer 2015)

From: Jim and Teresa Adams
RE: Relationship Success University
November 13, 2014

Greetings Everyone ,

We have always found it interesting that the average couple spends over $25,000 (not including the honeymoon) and over 250 hours planning their wedding and practically ZERO $$$ and very little time planning their marriage.

Interesting isn’t it? It’s no wonder we have big weddings and little marriages. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you. You can have a happy and successful marriage. We promise!

We have been married for over 29 years and are the parents of four children. What started as a desire to grow our own marriage has turned into a passion to grow marriages all over the world.

In addition to being professional married people, we are marriage professionals. Teresa has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT), she is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a national certified counselor (NCC). Jim a former college football All American is a Certified Marriage Intensive Coach.

Relationship Success University is the product of our personal experience and professional training all in one place. Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week via your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or any internet connected device.
The doors are opening soon and we want you to be among the first to have this unique opportunity to enroll in a proven program, with a personal plan, lead by professionals all with one goal and one goal only- to help you succeed in your relationship.

The doors open January 2015. We invite you to join us.

Jim and Teresa Adams

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